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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does Hillhurst Tax Group provide Legal Services?

No. Hillhurst Tax Group is not a law firm and we do not practice legal services. We provide tax debt relief representation services per IRS Circular 230.

2.  I have a levy and garnishment with the IRS. Can your firm put a stop to them and how soon?

If all necessary documents are provided to us that we ask, we generally can stop a levy or garnishment in 24-48 hrs. If we are missing necessary documents from you, then it will take longer.

3.  I owe the IRS and the state. What are my options?

Depending on your case, there are several options available. Our tax attorney’s, CPA’s and enrolled agents pick the best one that is available to you. We can settle the debt through an Offer in Compromise (OIC). This is an IRS Program under 26 U.S.C. § 7122, which allows the taxpayer to settle their debt for less than what they owe? The 2nd option is an Installment Agreement (IA). Our tax attorney’s can put you on an affordable monthly plan. (Note this isn’t the best option because interest and penalties still continue to incur) The 3rd option is to put you into Currently Non Collectible (CNC) status. The IRS acknowledges that you cannot pay your debt and puts your file aside. There are no garnishments or levies being pursued against you while you are in an offer in compromise or CNC status. The IRS will evaluate your financials every year and if your income has drastically gone up they make take you out of CNC status.  Depending on your case, we can also petition for a penalty abatement (PA). We need to show reasonable cause for this petition to be approved.  Another option available are amending your tax returns to correct the original errors.

4.  There are so many Tax Attorneys and Tax Relief firms out there. What makes you guys different?

We will not take your case unless we believe we can achieve a successful outcome. This is why perform a free in person case review to determine the type of help that is available to you.  We can show you recent case results similar to yours.  We are not a lead generator or in another state. All our clients have peace of mind knowing they can come to our office anytime and they know you they are dealing with. We have a tax attorney, enrolled agent, and CPA on staff. All three are the only representatives allowed to represent you before the IRS or State. Realistic expectations are what you will get from us.

5.  I hear an Offer in Compromise is impossible to get. How can you be sure you will get one for me?

There seems to be many people who believe that the IRS rarely ever accepts an offer in compromise. Our data and the IRS’s own data paint a different picture. Just last year the IRS accepted 40 percent of the offers submitted. Our own firm has an OIC success rate of almost 95 percent. How so high you ask? Simple. Before we charge we do a thorough case review and look back at our past trends of cases similar to yours that were approved. If we take your case you can sleep well at night knowing you’re a good candidate for an offer. If you do not qualify, we can move on to the next best option.

6.  What can I do that you can’t do? Why do I need to hire a Los Angeles Tax Attorney?

Well chances are if you are calling for help, then you probably don’t possess all the qualifications necessary to handle your own case. Some clients are confident they can represent themselves in an audit or settle their debt with the IRS. If this is the case, then there is no need to hire a tax attorney. However, if you have any doubts getting it wrong the first time can be a disaster. Let’s say you had a field audit and after the audit was over you agree to the IRS findings of $20,000 in back taxes owed. With proper representation, you may be able to lower that amount. Other examples would be not properly presenting your financials in a way that will be favorable to you for an offer in compromise. We have had client not list all their dependents, understate their expenses in the county they live in, not properly fill out their profit and loss statements, and not being able to argue justifying their business expenses in an audit. These are just some of the examples. We strongly recommend you contact one of our tax attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled Agents for a free consultation.

7.  I have a business and am behind on payroll taxes. Can you help me?

Yes we have irs tax attorney, CPA and enrolled agent that specialize specifically in Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, which is the penalty portion of your payroll taxes.

8.  Can you represent me in an audit?

 Absolutely. We can handle field, office, and correspondence audits for you. After the audit is over, we will continue to represent you if need be. The worst possible action you can do is go to an audit by yourself. This may cause the IRS to open up other years in question and increase your liability.

9.  I owe the IRS and am looking to amend my tax returns?

We will see if it is possible to amend your returns and how much you may save if we do.

10.  How long does an offer in compromise take?

With us 3-6 months. A lot of this depends on your cooperation on sending us required documents.

11.  Is there a guarantee for your service?

 The IRS does not allow enrolled agents to guarantee the outcome of a resolution and the state bar does not allow an attorney to guarantee his services. However, as we previously have stated we will not take your case if we cannot meet your expectations. This is why we offer a free case review. Most firms will charge $500-$1000 for this. Our firm does this face to face no charge.

12.  I’m not in California. Can you still represent me?

Absolutely. We represent taxpayers in all 50 states and overseas as well for FBAR cases.